The deep, selfless desire to help, aid, and assist others.
Headshot of Kokua creator Marie

Marie Grinstead, PhD

Connection is at the heart of her mission. 

Better connected to nature, self, and to each other. 

Marie, the founder of Kōkua, extracts and crafts each creation offering unparalleled transparency in the development of her science-backed, plant-based functional formulas. Connection is at the heart of her mission. Better connected to nature, self, and to each other.

Marie started Botanical Processing, an extraction research laboratory, in 2015 while working towards her doctorate in mechanical engineering. She started out as solely a processor and manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD products for other companies, and her main focus was developing and utilizing optimal CO2 extraction methods as part of producing superiorly effective natural alternatives. After completion of her doctorate, the custom blends she had been creating for family, friends, and neighbors proudly expanded into this line of products, now available to all. She is grateful for the many avenues of opportunity to make a difference and share her creations nation-wide.

With no better way to express her motivation behind the brand, she chose the Hawaiian word, Kōkua, meaning the desire to help, aid, and assist others. Marie was born in Hawai’i and raised in Kentucky. Whenever possible, she devotes time towards the Polynesian dance school she founded in 2013, ‘Ike Roa, to share and perpetuate the beautiful cultures of both Hawaii and Tahiti. Marie is thankful for the incredible people who surround her to make all of this possible, especially her husband, Jeff. He owns and operates a landscaping and hardscape business, serves in the Air Force, and helps Marie in the lab. Jeff partook in the recent redesign efforts and offered valuable input on Kōkua’s packaging and overall design theme. Marie is grateful for everyone who encouraged and inspired her over the years as she withstood pandemic-induced changes to the industry and her businesses. Simultaneously, Marie and her husband welcomed their son, and they cherish every moment and blessing together as they grow their family.

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