The deep, selfless desire to help, aid, and assist others.

The modern lifestyle and diet have thrown our body’s beautifully intricate system off balance, resulting in a rise in internal issues such as chronic stress, pain, inflammation, and dis-ease. Further, we place an unprecedented number of demands and expectations on ourselves, leading to surging stress levels and destruction of our internal balance.

Though we strive to take steps to manage stress, improve diet, and promote a healthy gut environment, it can be difficult to mange alongside the many demands of life! Not to mention the inevitable exposure to toxic chemical disruptors from the environment, household products, clothing, soils, food supply, etc. When utilized consistently, ancient medicines provided by the earth  offer immense potential to combat toxins, promote overall wellness, restore balance, reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses, and better navigate stressful situations (mentally and physically) when they do occur. Marie’s product development specifically targets these various areas at risk to encourage a proactive approach to health.

Ease supports restoration, relaxation, and a healthy stress-response. Detox liquid chlorophyll targets gut health, reducing the internal toxic load, debloating, and alkalizing tissues. Defend directly targets immune health with antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial compounds from powerful botanicals, such as clove, sea buckthorn oil, and astragalus. Ease intimate oil was developed by Marie as an all-natural plant-based solution to assist the many different needs of women’s sexual health, as this often-overlooked aspect of our health is no exception when it comes to the toll the external factors take on the body. She aims to help in any way possible, from intense research into causes and solutions to developing products to support our bodies’ ability to adapt and manage a little better with each dose.

Headshot of Kokua creator Marie

Marie Grinstead, PhD

Marie, the founder of Kōkua, extracts and crafts each creation offering unparalleled transparency in the development of her science-backed, plant-based functional formulas. Connection is at the heart of her mission. Better connected to nature, self, and to each other.

Marie started Botanical Processing, an extraction research laboratory, in 2015 while working towards her doctorate in mechanical engineering. She started out as solely a processor and manufacturer of hemp-derived CBD products for other companies, and her main focus was developing and utilizing optimal CO2 extraction methods as part of producing superiorly effective natural alternatives. After completion of her doctorate, the custom blends she had been creating for family, friends, and neighbors proudly expanded into a line of products, now available to all. She is grateful for the many avenues of opportunity to make a difference and share her creations nation-wide.

Connection is at the heart of her mission. 

Better connected to nature, self, and more deeply connected to each other. 

With no better way to express her motivation behind the brand, she chose the Hawaiian word, Kōkua, meaning the desire to help, aid, and assist others. Marie was born in Hawai’i and raised in Kentucky. For a decade, Marie devoted extensive effort and time whenever possible towards the Polynesian dance school she founded in 2013, ‘Ike Roa, to share and perpetuate the beautiful cultures of both Hawaii and Tahiti. Feeling the desire to devote more time outside of work to being fully present as a wife and mother, Marie stepped away from teaching regular weekly dance classes – a decision that not only allotted her more time with family, but also allowed more flexibility to become a student once again. Marie focuses on training in ori Tahiti and offers occasional workshops and private lessons throughout the year. She continues to perform at local International events and festivals with her dance students.

Marie is thankful for the incredible people who surround her to make all of this possible, especially her husband, Jeff. He owns and operates a landscaping and hardscape business, serves in the Air Force, and helps Marie in the lab. Marie is grateful for everyone who encouraged and inspired her over the years as she withstood pandemic-induced changes to the industry and her businesses. Simultaneously, Marie and her husband welcomed their son, and they cherish every moment and blessing together as they grow their family.

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