QUEEN Lili'uokalani

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This month of September

We honor of the first queen regnant and the last sovereign monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom…


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Kōkua…the Hawaiian word meaning the deep, selfless desire to help, aid, and assist others. What started as products intended for friends, family, and neighbors has proudly expanded into a line of products available to all. The founder of Kōkua developed various products for other brands, then formulated using her preferred methods & ingredients to create Kōkua for her friends and family. Read more about how Kōkua started.


KoKua Creations - Palm Tree Icon

Kōkua products are made with all natural and organic ingredients. All products are formulated with full spectrum CBD extracted from hemp via CO2. The extract contains CBD & CBDa in addition to other natural cannabinoids derived from hemp.

Kōkua products are currently available at select retailers. We are now accepting and shipping orders to all states.

Interested in carrying Kōkua? Contact us today directly for more information about wholesale options.

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