EASE Intimate Oil

300mg CBD + Botanicals

Cater to intimate health with Ease, a multipurpose feminine formula to release, restore, and revive.

This luxurious oil-based botanical blend promotes blood flow, muscular relaxation, relieves dryness and discomfort, enhances sensations, and aids tissue health, hydration, and rejuvenation. Ease delivers nutrient-rich botanical phyto-actives to restore internal balance and assist activation of the body’s inherent moisture production. 


Chlorophyll + Botanicals

Cleanse, debloat, digest. Supercharge your hydration with great tasting plant-powered antioxidant-rich liquid chlorophyll. Use daily to detox, debloat, cleanse, energize, alkalize, and replenish from a cellular level outwards. Phytonutrients may eliminate internal toxins, promote digestion, and help support healthy liver function. This proprietary blend of botanicals supports cleansing of the body on a cellular level.

Ease Drops

Manage modern-day mental and physical stressors with Ease. A daily dose to aid homeostasis and provide functional support for mood, stress, sleep, pain, and inflammation.

Ease Balm

Infused with arnica and calendula flowers, Ease Balm contains functional botanicals that may relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and support restoration of the skin barrier.

Defend Drops

Enhanced with phytonutrients known to boost the body’s defenses and battle inflammation, this immune-supporting botanical blend has a dominantly spicy taste profile with subtle notes of citrus.

Functional and adaptogenic phyto-nutrients serve as all-natural primers for optimal health and wellness, aiding homeostasis. Functional blends feature hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in addition to active botanicals to offer enhanced, targeted support. Kōkua’s mission is to develop proactive and restorative functional plant-based products to aid resilience against modern-life imbalances. At the core of Kōkua’s mission is connection… becoming better connected to nature, self, and to each other as a community.

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